I appreciate your interest in my Property Tax Reduction Work. I assist landowners by reducing their taxes in a number of different ways. One way I do this is compare your landholding with other like-kind holdings in your county or surrounding counties that are paying less in taxes per acre. Oftentimes property is mistakenly classified, improvements can be adjusted, portions can be repurposed, or assessments can be corrected for a lower overall assessment. I research comparable sales in the area, while also researching for any errors on the assessment side. I routinely investigate to see if there are any deductions, exemptions, or errors in tax assessments on the landholdings. I sometimes meet with the assessors and present my reduction requests. Oftentimes, I can do most of the work via correspondence.

I can send you a contractual agreement and authorization paperwork for your review. I can also expand my work to any additional holdings you might have elsewhere, at your discretion. I can also put together a proposal for any other holdings as long as I know the entity name and county/states they are located in. Although I can begin this work now, the reductions may not be applied until the following Tax Year.

My fee is one half of the reduction/savings I’m able to generate. For example, were I to lower your tax bill in 2015 by $1,000 dollars, I’d charge a fee of $500. I charge this fee after the new lowered tax bill comes out and we can compare the two amounts (sometimes in the following tax year). I don’t charge a fee if I am unable to lower your tax bill. If any filing fees are charged by the county, then they are the client’s responsibility (these are usually less than $20 dollars – if the county even charges them).

This is the first step in my work to reduce the property taxes on your landholding. I do not charge any fees until I’ve reduced the tax bills, you’ve received them in the mail, and have forwarded me a copy. Oftentimes I can access the bill online, once it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Eddie Reaves, CCIM & Commercial Broker
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