Consultation Services Agreement

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  • To
  • Consultation Services Agreement
  • This agreement is between
  • , the owner(s) of the Real Estate described in Exhibit A, attached hereto and Eddie Reaves / Reaves Consultants LLC for the consultation services, specifically, for the purpose of Eddie Reaves acting on behalf of the owners to provide services to reduce the Owner' Real Property Taxes on the property described in Exhibit A in
  • Eddie Reaves agrees to use his best efforts to persuade the County Tax Assessor to reduce the Real Property Taxes on the property described in Exhibit A. The Owners agree to pay Eddie Reaves for his efforts in securing the reduction from the Owners’ current
  • taxes to an adjusted amount on the following year tax bill for
  • The Owners agree to pay Eddie Reaves ½ the amount of savings of the Real Property Taxes from the current Real Property Taxes assessed for current
  • to a reduced amount of Real Property Taxes for
  • ,but only upon verification of the reduction from the County Specific Tax Assessor’s Office. Mr. Reaves will present the Owners an invoice for the amount for each Counties parcels savings/reduction and the Owners will render payment within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. Mr. Reaves will also include all electronic and written communication from each Tax Assessor of proposed
  • tax amounts for each parcel or a total
  • estimated tax bill, for each county. Any other forms and methods of payment for services rendered may be decided upon by all parties’ unanimous consent. This agreement terminates on December 30th,
  • or upon payment from owners. This agreement may be terminated at any time with written notice by either party or upon satisfaction of above terms.
  • Thank you for your interest in our services. I will be getting back with you shortly.