Reaves Consultants is a boutique consulting firm specializing exclusively in providing taxpayers with a full-range of property assessment services. Eddie Reaves began his career as a CCIM and Real Estate Broker 28 years ago and has focused primarily in property tax consulting for the last 18 years. Our firms focus is on the Southeastern United States.

Eddie Reaves –
Primary Principal

Our firm collaborates with highly reputable professionals that have amassed a collective knowledge and experience base in the municipal assessment and taxation field. The credentials and expertise of our consultants are recognized and respected across the Southeastern United States by municipal corporations, assessment authorities, appeal tribunals, and related professional associations. The uncompromising mandate of Reaves Consultants is to ensure that each and every client experiences the lowest possible tax exposure. We maintain strict confidentiality with respect to all proprietary property information, and ensure that you are represented in the highest professional image.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a relationship with our clients, in which all of their property assessment needs are fully met. This goal is of the greatest importance considering that property taxes can represent from 30% to 50% of a property’s annual operating costs.

We strive for excellence in rendering assessment services to clients and in maintaining our high standards and professional image within the diverse municipal assessment and taxation environments across the Southeastern U.S. We are committed to providing our clients with:

• Cost beneficial assessment and taxation review services.
• Proactive approaches to the determination and solution of all assessment and taxation-related issues affecting their properties.
• A clear understanding of the relevant legislative and regulatory frameworks within—which the solutions to those assessment and taxation issues are based.
• An “Open Line” policy of close communications to field questions, propose strategies, and report on a timely basis, the status of all matters being prosecuted in varied, complex, and ever-changing assessment and taxation regimes.

In an economy marked by declining real estate values and impending bankruptcies; city, county and state governments are attempting to collect unfairly inflated property taxes to raise revenue for government programs and municipalities. Individuals and Companies all over the country realize the importance of minimizing their tax bills. As a business owner, or private landowner, it is important that you use every means available in fighting unfair property taxes.

Property taxes cover the taxes assessed on a range of items. These items include the land or real estate, the buildings on the property or non movable improvements on the land and personal items or moveable items present. Since taxes on these items depend on the value of the items assessed and these taxes are collected by more than one entity, it is important that the value of the property is appropriately assessed. It is equally important that the assessment and the local and state tax laws are verified by experts in the field.

Reaves Consultants has built a strategic plan to help companies and individuals achieve and sustain the lowest property taxation possible. Working with Individuals and Businesses of all sizes, Reaves Consultants is experienced in all levels of taxation resolution. Since the best defense is a good offense, Reaves Consultants begins with a detailed analysis of your current property tax exposure. You may have received a letter from us identifying your property tax exposure as being higher than surrounding property owners. We then investigate and suggest a proposal to reduce your property tax cost. In this manner you may be able to avoid fighting unfair property taxes, as they may never have been properly assessed in the first place.

As part of a good offense it is important to have accurate data. Reaves Consultants will make sure your company or individual tax data is gathered and maintained using appropriate accounting methods. This is important in accessing savings for each company or client that we service. It is also important that tax exemptions and exclusions are filed in a timely manner, so that full benefits can be delivered. This, along with appealing any unfair rulings, will allow your company or individual holdings to receive every tax break they deserve. As tax laws change, Reaves Consultants can review and adjust wherever it is appropriate, to keep your company or individual taxes to the minimum.

We have a reputation which we have established by having assisted may clients avoid paying unfair property taxes. We can certainly do the same for you as an individual, LLC, or your company. By legally minimizing the property taxes paid, we strive to improve your landholdings bottom line. In a tight economy, city, county and state governments will be looking for ways to increase tax revenue. Do not let your company, or private landholding, get caught paying additional taxes when help is available. Take a proactive role to prevent overpayment or late payment for taxes by trusting Reaves Consultants. We can save you money by fighting unfair property taxes specific to your area. If you are interested in obtaining more information about how we can help you with fighting unfair property taxes, call us today!